Monday, October 6, 2014

Things My Kids Will Eat - Yogurt Tubes

Is it just me, or are everyone's kids getting pickier by the day? It's actually getting out of hand around here. My kids have even stopped liking toast. TOAST! Who doesn't like toast?? One thing they will still happily eat, and request often, is yogurt. I usually only let them have it at home because sending yogurt and a spoon to school almost always turns into a ruined lunch kit. If I do happen to send it, it's always a yogurt tube! 

I freeze the tubes overnight and they thaw perfectly by lunch time (according to my kids) and they double as an ice pack for their fruits and deli meat (did I mention they won't eat sandwiches?). They're a nice treat as while they're having fun eating them they're also getting some vitamin D and calcium (did I mention they won't drink milk?). 

As Much as my kids love their yogurt tubes in their lunch, they also love them after school, straight out of the freezer! Frozen yogurt tubes make a great after school snack. They think they're having ice cream, and it tides them over till dinner... which they probably won't eat. Sigh.

 He's saying cheese

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