Friday, June 7, 2013

Life Made Delicious – Recipe round-up

Hi folks! I've been MIA from blogging for a while, this end of school year stuff has me running all over like a chicken with my head cut off. And when I AM home I have a VERY precocious one year old who has been keeping me on my toes. Let's just say I'm regretting my kitchen reorganization as I hear muffin tins and cooling racks flying across the kitchen floor 20 times a day.

I wanted to take a minute to show you what I've been posting over at my LMD blog in case you've forgotten to go over there to check it out!

Easter Trifle

Yes, I know Easter is over with, but I can't be the only one with chocolate still kicking around right? 

Maple Pecan Cheese Spread

Do you say puh-cahn or pee-can? I'm with the south on this and pronounce it puh-cahn, but either way you say it this is one tasty little nibbly!

Cream puffs that don't take hours to make? Whaaaa? Yes, I'm totally serious. Try them.

There will be more to come shortly as I put to bed all the school registration papers, Home and School Association calendars, and volunteer luncheons/school concerts/ field trips and get back to work!