Saturday, May 29, 2010

White Peach Bellini - The Gourmet Pregnancy

For our first recipe we tried from The Gourmet Pregnancy was the White Peach Bellini. A simple drink using fruit, ice and a bit of flavouring. It was so good on a hot spring morning alongside our eggs. This will be a repeat recipe in my kitchen for sure!

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White Peach Bellini

2 ripe, white peaches
1 lemon, juiced
2 tsp grenadine
1 c crushed ice
1 tsp pure orange extract


1. Peel peaches and remove the pits. Chop into quarters and place in a blender.
2. Add the lemon juice, grenadine, ice and extract and blend until smooth.
3. Pour into a large wine glass and enjoy!

Review: Phil and PJ both said it was refreshing and not too sweet which they loved. Jason didn't have any cause he hates peaches. I loved it, peach is one of my favourite fruits and I thought it was a great summery drink. We gave it 4 cupcakes!

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  1. hi amanda! glad i found you through twitter... this a nice collection of recipes you have here. and this drink? perfect for a scorcher like today! yummm. just swinging through and thought i'd say hi :)