Friday, February 12, 2010

Coming Clean

I was talking to Christy of Beach Brights fame and she mentioned that her pantry had become a hoarders delight. It was messy and disorganized. I chuckled with her about how it would be fun to do a post on tidying up her pantry, and that's when it hit me, my own pantry was... well.. let's just say it looks like Gremlins attacked it at 12:01am. Nothing was on it's "right" shelf, I knew I had duplicates of some stuff but couldn't find them, and it was so crammed I had overflow onto my very precious counter space.

I know, shocking right? How do I cook like this? I can tell you it took longer than it should to make a lot of my recipes cause I was hunting for stuff.

Now, I live in a house with 2 kids under 4, an 18 year old boy and a husband, all of whom have never understood the term "put it back where you found it" so essentially I had given up. It was an open the door, throw it in, and close the door super fast kind of situation.

Inspired by Christy, I set out one night, while watching Grey's Anatomy to organize my pantry. I'm a happy cook now... and if I see anyone putting something back where it doesn't belong... no dessert for them for a week!

Head on over to

to see how Christy did with her pantry!


  1. I just love my pantry now :) I did know that it would give me such a great feeling (Good Grief, it does not take much to get me off)!

    Your pantry spaces look incredible. You are welcome over anytime...I have a couple of bathroom sink vanities that could blind you at first sight!

    Much Love, My Dear-

  2. I just organized my pantry too ~ doesn't it feel good to know what is actually in there! My counter tops still need some major help though. Congrats on your project - looks great!

  3. Good job with the pantry - reminds me of the day I helped my mom organize hers. It was pretty funny (disgusting?) to find food that had expiration dates of a year or two ago.

  4. I'm so jealous you have pull out drawers! I'd take pictures of my pantry but the last time I opened the drawer, I was left stranded in an avalanche of half filled crinkly bags of pasta and three bags of flour.