Sunday, November 30, 2014

Cookie Exchange Made Easy With Betty Crocker and Pillsbury

Did you agree to be in a holiday cookie exchange and now you're panicking because you need 8 dozen cookies by tomorrow? Well friends, let me help you out...

We're all busy. We have kids, and jobs, and hobbies, and obligations, and then there's the whole need to sleep thing. Sometimes you just don't have time to be... well, Betty Crocker. So thank goodness Betty is around and can make things simple for you! Not a great baker? Betty can Help! Short on time? Betty can help! And you know who else can help you churn out yummy treats in no time? That adorable Pillsbury Dough Boy! Pillsbury Slice and Bake? Easy peasy!

Betty Crocker has some great cookie mixes that you can customize with nuts, extracts, frostings and sprinkles. No one has to know you didn't bake from "scratch". And Pillsbury refrigerated cookie doughs can be customized too! Who knew right? I found this decadent looking recipe for Salted Caramel Chocolate Chip Cookies in the Christmas section on and whipped them up in no time using Pillsbury Refrigerated Chocolate Chip Cookies. They are ridiculously good. I'm sending this batch into work with my husband tonight. Those boys are going to love them!

Want to go the extra mile since you saved so much time with baking?  There are so many cute ways to package up your cookies! I found all these adorable bags and boxes at my local Dollarama and the tins are from Independent (PC). Add a bit of curly ribbon and voilĂ .

My Book Club is having our annual cookie exchange soon and I'll be sharing some quick creations using Betty and Pillsbury, less time baking means more time for me! Bring on the Christmas movies, hot toddies and slipper socks!

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