Monday, September 22, 2014

Review - Old El Paso Chicken Tinga Tacos

I recently signed on for yet another year as a Life Made Delicious blogger! I love working with a brand that has such a wide range of products like General Mills Canada . As part of my blogging contract they routinely send me new products to try out. I got this box of goodies last week!

My kids dove right for the Dunkaroos of course (thank goodness they come in 5 packs!) and I ripped into the now "peanut free" Nature Valley bars (delicious!). But what I was most eager to try were the Chicken Tinga Tacos. Mexican night is big at our house. We love our tacos. The whole family cheered when I declared Sunday "Taco Tuesday" (my kids are obsessed with The Lego Movie)!

I always like to try a new product out the first time exactly how they instruct to get a feel for it. Then I customize it to meet my kids' picky palates. 

The husband and I had our first round of tacos loaded with the mildly spicy, smokey chicken and onions, the chipotle taco sauce that comes in the kit, chopped tomato, shredded lettuce, avocado and cilantro as the box suggests. So. Good. The flavours were authentic, much like the tacos we had on our honeymoon in the Mayan Riviera. The tortillas seem slightly thicker and fluffier and the chipotle taco sauce just kicked it all up a notch.

The next round we added cheese and guacamole and sour cream, also delicious! My oldest daughter (8), who will only ever have a tortilla with cheese in it on taco night, tried the chicken in her tortilla and declared it "pretty good!". Very high praise from the kid who's practically living off air and cucumbers. She devoured her taco and asked if we could have them again the next night. Wow. Just wow. My 4 year old loved the taco sauce but the other three found it a wee bit too spicy so we left it off theirs. No big deal there! My 5 year old had two tacos, which was a first and the 2 year old had his taco deconstructed because that's what toddlers do, deconstruct things. Plates were pretty well clean at the end of dinner and there was no dessert bargaining!

Any meal ALL my kids will eat is a keeper in my books. The next time I make this I'm going to try cooking the chicken and onions in the seasoning in my slow cooker which will be great for our busy night of ballet. I'm looking forward to trying the Carné Asada and Fish Taco kits!

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