Monday, October 21, 2013

Hamburger Helper - Momma's Little Secret

So tonight I'm flying solo on the whole dinner/bathtime/bedtime deal. It's a fairly regular occurrence with a 12 hour shift working husband. Today was especially crazy though because right after school pick up my youngest daughter had ballet. Monday is a rush rush rush day. 

I wasn't thinking (brain was still on weekend mode) and I forgot to plan dinner. I went down to the pantry in my basement and looked around. There I spotted these:

I don't usually make this sort of thing, I tend to cook from scratch 85% of the time, but I was told by the good people over at General Mills that they've tweaked the recipes and reduced the sodium in their Hamburger Helper meals so I pulled the Creamy Stroganoff off the shelf and headed to the freezer. Luckily I had some precooked hamburger in there thanks to some wise words of advice from my friend Tara, so I pulled that out too. 

Dinner came together in minutes. My kids loved the pasta and I loved that there was only one pan to clean!

If you haven't tried Hamburger Helper in a while, or have never had it, I suggest you try it. It has saved our diner time a few times already!

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