Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Pumpkin Crumble Cake - Recipe Review

I joined a book club in September and I love it! But more importantly, I love my book club ladies! They're a great group, full of support and humor and great conversation. Our weekly meetings are about 20% book discussion, 60% chit chat and 20% coffee and treats.

I like to try to bring a new treat every week. Cookies, squares, muffins, etc... This week I decided to try a cake. It's risky because I have limited time in the morning, and cakes take some time in the oven. I have three kids to feed, dress and get off to school (at three different schools), a baby who wants to nap right around the time we have to be out the door, and I like to look somewhat presentable which requires me sneaking in a shower in the hour and twenty minutes we have from when we wake up to when we're running out the front door.

I needed a cake recipe that was easy, fast and of course, delicious. I went to and right on the homepage was a picture of this cake. The name drew me in, Pumpkin Crumble Cake. When I read the ingredients and saw how easy it is I decided to give it a try. I made a little modification, I wanted to bake it in a bundt pan (purely for the pretty) and so I put the crumble in the bottom of the pan and poured the batter over top. If I were to do it again in the bundt pan I'd pour the batter in and then put the crumble so when it's turned out on a plate it would be easier to slice through. But any way you bake this recipe it'll be delicious (I may try cupcakes next time)! The cake has a great light, fluffy, soft texture similar to red velvet cake and it tastes like a slice of pumpkin pie but with an amazing, sweet, pecan crunch. My book club absolutely LOVED it!  My friend Jeannette's two year old kept coming back to steal bites off her mom's plate, which, she begrudgingly shared. 

My book club ladies!

We read some heavy material :)
I'll definitely be making this one again as it was a big hit!

For the recipe for this amazing cake, head on over to!

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