Thursday, June 9, 2011

Life Made Delicious Posts ~ A Recap

Hello loyal blog readers! I've been blogging over at for a month now and I thought I'd recap what's been going on over there in you missed it and wanted to check it out :)

First up, homemade Pain au Chocolat using Pillsbury Cresent rolls and whatever filling your little heart desires! If your dad/husband has a sweet tooth this would be a great addition to your Father's Day brunch table.

Next up: clever treats for Family Movie Night! These are cute little Betty Crocker cupcakes with marshmallows to look like mini popcorn buckets! Are you dying from the cuteness? They're very easy, don't be intimidated. I even include a free PDF file of the wrappers you can download and printout to impress your kids!

My newest post is an ode to my love of summer and a creative barbeque recipe idea... it doesn't always have to be about burgers and hot dogs...

To find out what this is, check out my blog!


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  1. Amanda!!  These look AMAZING!!  I was just stopping by to grab some dinner recipes :)  blown away by these! 

  2. thanks! I assume you mean the egg rolls? The recipe is on LMD :)

  3. These food pics make me happy!